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ESP Officer Positions
Listed alphabetically by last name, with incumbency indicated.



Catina Taylor *Incumbent*

MFT59 ESP President

Special Educational Assistant 

25 years with MPS Schools

20 years with MFT59

President, Served 2 terms as 2nd Vice President, Organizer for 5 years, Building Steward 8 years, Members rights advocate, COPE, Community Organizing, MRLF Delegate, Local Presidents council, and board member of Working Partnerships.


Hello ESP Siblings! 

My name is Catina Taylor. I am a mother of 4 children who attended MPS. schools, a wife, a caretaker, and an active community member. I have been a Special Educational Assistant for 25 years and counting. 

I am currently serving you as your Educational Support Professional President.

It is my honor to continue the great work of our union by advocating for our students, staff, and communities. 

I’ve served 2 terms as MFT59 ESP 2nd Vice President. 

I was an ESP organizer on leave for 5 years. I helped grow our ESP membership from 47% to 70 % during this time. I was a building steward for 8 years and handed all issues in house. The administrators , teachers, students, families, and my colleagues appreciated everything I brought to our school site. 

I had no agenda or plans to be in this role. Leader’s from our union made a special visit to come activate me into doing more union work, and I took a chance and ended up here today! I would say “I’m supposed to be here”! 

I devoted my time and energy to building and growing authentic, healthy relationships with district leaders during my leadership, which in return led to the success of our Recruitment, Retention and Referral (RRR) Bonuses of $1,500.00 & $5,000.00. Bus aides pay of $40 an hour this school year. 

We fought tirelessly to win unemployment insurance benefits for ESPS during summer months! When everyone said that we couldn’t win I stayed the course of winning by surveying our members, making sure interested members joined us on Capitol Hill, testifying at many venues, interviewing with many media outlets and local newspapers. We continued to show up until the final hour of the announcement that we, won Unemployment Insurance for all hourly workers during the summer months! 

We can and will continue winning by staying focused, united, and engaged with our union members because we are more robust, and every one  of us brings something special that makes our ESP union more vital than ever! 

Vote for Catina Taylor and our new ESP slate, chapters continued growth and development at MFT59! 

Your win is our win. Let’s continue to educate and save the lives of our children. 

Vote for me Catina Taylor and our slate. 



Mrs. Catina Taylor 


Mary Hampton

Roosevelt High School

Special Education Assistant

Years with MPS-8

Years with MFT-5

Union activities-

Member organizer with yro since 2019 at large board member (2020-2022), bargaining team member for 2 contract cycles, on leave as a member organizer for the 2022-23 school year, mrlf delegate, was active on the organizing committee from 2020-2021.

Hello! My name is Mary Hampton and I'm running for first vice president of the ESP chapter of MFT59. I want to bring my passion, experience and transparency to our leadership and I hope you will consider voting for me.

I work as a Special Education assistant at Roosevelt high school where I have been working since 2016. I love my job! I have a passion for my work as an ESP and believe we make school happen for our communities everyday. Our students deserve educators who are skilled and excited about our work. I want to work for better PD and continued education opportunities for ESP that can help us inside our classrooms and build experience for our careers

I have been an active member since 2019, starting with joining the bargaining team for two cycles. Including while we were on strike in 2022. I was a at large board member from 2020-2022.  I have been involved in the summer YRO member organizing program since 2019 starting as a member organizer to finally last summer running the program. I was also on leave as a turf organizer the 2022-23 school year.  I am currently on the CAT team this contract. I am very proud of the work we have done together and these experiences within our union has given me the knowledge and confidence to be in this role as first vice President.

Our union is nothing without our members' trust and support. This means we have to have a culture of accountability and honesty so we can build real power and connection. A commitment I have to our members is that I am running because I have the ability to lead with integrity. I value transparency so working for more opportunities for members to be heard and foster a culture where members feel confident in our work and they are educated in our contracts power.

I believe with my passion, experience, transparency and commitment to our union is why I think you should vote for me. I’m a longtime active member, third generation of unionized workers. I was a Minneapolis Public school student with ties to our community and I commit to doing my part in moving our union to change our city for future generations. Thank you for your consideration


Karron Willis













ESP organizer on leave

Marcy School SEA

19.5 yrs. in MPS/MFT

Joint Executive Board - At Large Member

Contract Negotiation Committee last 4 contracts

Union Steward 12 yrs.

Co-Chair Mpls Kids Work group 20-22

Environmental Health and Safety Committee 2020-2021



Hi, my name is Karron Willis and I am Running for First Vice president of the ESP Joint Executive Board. I have been an at large member of the Joint Executive Board for the last four years. I began working in the district in 2004 with Minneapolis kids and became a SEA in 2009. I have spent much of the last 12 years as the Union Steward at Marcy. I have served on the last 4 contract negotiation committees, including in 2022 when then district forced us to go on strike! As 1st vice President My main focus will be to making sure all ESP’s have the information necessary to be informed and to be empowered. Watch Your Email for Voting Ballots 

 Vote for our team LET’s MAKE THIS HAPPEN * Catina, Karron, Tequila, Sherronda,Daniel, Kim,Tim, Renee,* 


Brenda Johnson

My name is Brenda Johnson. I have worked for the Minneapolis Public Schools for over thirty years. In my current position as a Transitional Specialist supporting students, families, community, and community partners as they move in and out of the Hennepin juvenile justice system at stadium view school.


I am a product of the Minneapolis public schools. I believe there are so many possibilities for the success of our student scholars, this time as I run for second vice president to continue the work I started; empowering education support professionals at the local, state, and national level.

We are in the fight of our lives for public education, fighting for the respect and dignity of Educational Support Professionals across this country.


As second vice president, I will do the hard work with a bold authentic voice, I will lead with intentional power and hope as I stand strong with you with students, families, community, and community partners.


The collective voice is powerful as we fight for freedom in public is my duty and legacy to again lead with excellence, boldness, and collective power, when people are empowered we move. We then realize our union is our power, I will work for you, so today I challenge you to make your voice heard. I care about you, the members of this great union. We will fight together to win in this season, and we will change the narrative of Educational Support Professionals.



Empowering our collective voice to be loud and proud as we fight for freedom in public education, where Minneapolis goes the county will follow in this strong labor movement.


I would love to have your vote as we do this work. When we fight, we win!





Brenda Johnson


Tequila Laramee

Hi I’m Tequila Laramee,
I have been an Esp for 13 years and an active union member for 10 years as a building steward, ESP at large board member, organizer, strike captain and our current joint treasurer.  Which have been an honor to hold this seat and serve our membership as the first ESP to hold this position.  I’ve worked as a child care assistant at Mpls Kids and at adult education and I am currently an associate educator at Bethune Arts Elementary!

Being treasurer was a wonderful experience, and I believe it helped me grow as a leader and learn different roles in leadership.  I wish to continue to work on our ESP executive board, by being your ESP 2nd vice President.  I would love this opportunity to serve our ESPs in this capacity, to hear more from our members, to continue to be a voice for ESPs that can’t be the voice for themselves, and do what I can and whatever is necessary to give not just us ESPs what we deserve, because we’re all here for our students, so I want to work hard on giving our students what they deserve as well.

I am a proud north sider and MPS graduate.  I am the Education Minnesota’s 2021-2022 ESP of the year.  I am dedicated to this work and our students, I am always fair and always listen to both sides.  My passion is seeing our students grow and succeed… Especially our students of color.  I’m ready for this added responsibility and ask for your vote.
Thank you.


Renee Warriner

No candidate photo submitted

I'm running for the ESP Chapter Secretary. I've been in our Union for six years in various roles. But the one that means the most to me is "member". It has been a privilege to be in our Union seeing so many work together to get things done for our co-workers, our selves

and the unit as a whole. Doing Union work brings me life and joy. It would be a pleasure to serve the greater good on behalf of my fellow ESPs.


Katrinka Zackery *Incumbent*

Hello Union Family,


My name is Katrinka Zackery, and I am a School Success Program Assistant

(SSPA) at Henry now Camden High School. It has been my pleasure to serve as our ESP Recording Secretary for the last 2 terms and would like to continue to serve our union in this role.


 I am also:

  • 20+ years as a Union member

  • Product of MPS

  • Current MPS grandparent

  • Northside resident

  • Second-generation MPS employee


In addition to being your current ESP Recording Secretary. I've also served in the following capacities:

  • Current member of ESP Bargaining Team

  • 2022-Co- Lead of ESP Bargaining Team

  • 2018 and 2020- Member of ESP Bargaining Team

  • ESP Member at Large

  • Elections Committee

  • Building Steward

  • Member Rights Advocate

  • Grievance Committee

  • 2018- Organizer on leave for MFT


I knew at an early age I wanted to follow in the footsteps of my mother who was a Special Education teacher for 30+ years for MPS and union member. My career began with MPS in 1998 at Harrison Educational Center. During my 7 years at Harrison, I held several positions such as a Child Development Technician, Associate Educator(Truancy Liaison), and a School Success Program Assistant. From 2006-2012 I was a School Success Program Assistant (Dean of Students) at Edison High School. I’ve continued in the same role at Henry/Camden High since 2012.


I learned the importance of unions at an early age due to my mother being an educator and my father being in the trades. Their shared experiences have definitely motivated me to commit to our union and best serve our members, students, families, and community. This term, I’m running on a slate” Our Power Collective.” We share the same mission and vision to move our union forward but more importantly, to empower our members.


Please consider voting for the “Our Power Collective” slate

President: Ma-Riah Roberson-Moody

1st Vice President: Mary Hampton

2nd Vice President: Brenda Johnson

Recording Secretary: Katrinka Zackery

Treasurer: Mary Manor

At-Large: Susan Joy Browman, Bridget Mendoza-Smith, and Quentin Williams


United in strength, together for a better future for our union!


In Solidarity,


Katrinka Zackery


Lizz Done

Davis Center/City-wide

PAR Mentor

13 years with MPS and as a union member (6 at Green Central as an ML and 1st/2nd grade teacher, 3 at Whittier as a 1st grade teacher, 4 years as a PAR mentor); I have served as a building union steward on and off throughout my teaching career, year round organizer, regional strike captain, bargaining team member (current contract), CAT member, member organizer on partial release.

I am excited to ask for your support as I run for union treasurer. In our union, we need staunch advocates for all of our members. In my work as a classroom teacher and as a PAR mentor I have had first hand experience with many schools in our district and have come to realize how important a strong union is to building schools that work better for us, our students, and our community. We have a moral obligation to continue building schools and our own power as union members to create the strongest school district we can and push back against those who seek to diminish the voices of teachers and public schools as a whole.


My vision for all our union  is to build a district that values the voices of professionals and gives everyone the support they need to continue showing up every day. That we will grow together, create change together, and continue Moving Further Together.


Mary Manor

No candidate photo submitted

Washburn High School

Teacher, English

12 years in Minneapolis and with MFT

Former 1st vice president, 2nd vice president, and executive board member.  Team member/lead on three previous contract negotiations teams.


I am seeking the position of Treasurer on the Joint Executive Board.  This position serves both the Teacher and Education Support Professionals chapters, and the work is essential to the smooth running of our union as well as ensuring that the financial priorities of the members are heard and addressed.


A budget is a moral document, outlining the values and priorities of the organization that creates it.  In previous stints on the executive board, I served as a member of the budget committee, arguing passionately with equally passionate peers to allocate members’ union dues in line with the priorities and values of the union.  While values must be reflected through the budget, at the same time, we have a responsibility to “keep the lights on”; balancing the social justice and activist priorities of the membership with the day to day necessities is a key responsibility of the treasurer, and a responsibility I will take on with integrity.


I am running with the Our Power Collective slate, a team of dedicated Education Support Professionals from around the district.  These dedicated educators asked me to join their slate as a teacher member and stand for the joint treasurer position.  The members of this slate demonstrate the qualities that I believe we should all demand in our union leadership: integrity, understanding, and dedication to the people they serve.  These leaders have a history of involvement with the union, engagement with the members, and an understanding of the power of workers to change public education.  Solidarity is a practice, and the members of the Our Power Collective slate understand that it will take practicing solidarity to continue to build a union and district we can all be proud to be members of.


Our working conditions are our students’ learning conditions.  As a union educator, I firmly believe that the union is the most powerful force to affect change in our schools, district, and city.  With a strong and dedicated leadership in both the teacher and education support professionals chapter, our union has a bright and progressive future.  I encourage you to vote for Our Power Collective for ESP leadership, for Mary Manor for Joint Treasurer, as well as for Marcia Howard and her slate for teacher leadership.  


Shanna (Shay) Williams-Clark


School Site: Franklin STEAM Middle School

Position: Science Teacher

Years with MPS: 30 yrs

Years with MFT: 5yrs

Union Involvement: Dedicated rank and file member for 30 years


I have been a MPS employee for approximately 30 years and 25 of those years, I was a paraprofessional in the ESP union. I felt comfortable with the executive board members speaking on my behalf because I felt like they were relatable and familiar with my situations since many were dealing with similar work environments and contractual conflicts.


Now that I am a member of MFT, I feel like I need to become more involved to build that welcoming collaboration between members and executive board members. It seems as if a small group of union leaders control the important information, decisions, and actions taken which is something the “Members for Transformation '' slate want to change.  I am currently running for Treasurer, so that we can build that financial transparency for all members. Everyone should feel informed about what union dues are used for, how much spending is on organizing and have access to collective bargaining financial reports. This is something I do not see happening and hope to implement within our union.  I want to play an important role in educating members of their contributions, our roles and responsibilities as executive board members, and being involved in building bonds among MFT members, executive board members, and district board members. My experience as a rank and file member for both chapters makes me a perfect candidate as a joint treasure. My vision for this transformative change can happen with your support if you are willing to vote for change.

ESP Chapter Executive Board Candidates
4 At-Large Positions

Listed alphabetically by last name, with incumbency indicated.


Kim Ambers *Incumbent*

Grateful Greetings everyone,

My name is Kim Ambers aka Lil-O-Me.🙋🏽‍♀️

This current school year is my 18th year at Lucy Craft Laney at Cleveland Park Community School as an SEA for 17 of them, an AE for this current year, and my 33rd school year as an (what now  I’d call a Seasoned… Lol!) Educational Support Professional (ESP).   I’m currently Laney’s  ESP Building Steward and have gratefully been for the past 15+ years.  I have been an active member of the Union attending ESP monthly chapter meetings, ESP/MFT monthly Steward meetings, and previous Contract Bargaining meetings as a supportive member of the audience.  I’m also very proud to say that I sat on the Union’s ESP Bargaining  Team (21-22) and am currently advocating for a better contract for all ESP's this contract cycle as one of our ESP Bargaining leads.


I thrive to be a compassionate representative and leader for all of us, one little voice who is willing to advocate for the unheard, unseen and the unable or unwilling.   I’m led by love and guided by light!


I’m running for a seat on the MFT/ESP Executive Board and would be so Thankful to receive Your Vote!!!


I thank and appreciate you so much, I cannot wait for this opportunity to continue to represent us ESP's, and with Your help, I will!!!


Thanks again for Your Vote!

In Solidarity 💙

Kim Ambers 


Susan Joy Broman

Current Site: Webster. 

Years with the District: 42

Years with MFT: 42

Union activities and Involvement:  I served 2 terms as The ESP first Vice President.  I have been on the Negotiations team for the last 15+ years, as well as being on the Grievance committee, and are serving on both currently.


 Union positions that are or have been in the MFT/ESP I have worked are:

  • Minneapolis kids CCW and Minneapolis Kids Site coordinator (before that position was removed from the MFT/ESP union)

  • Bus aid

  • Currently I am a SEA at Webster.

I am running for one of the ESP At-Large position is for many reasons:

  • I believe that ESP’s “Make School Happen” for many of the youth we work with

  • I believe and trust in the team I am running with

  • I believe I have the knowledge and connections to help share and grow our union power


            Because of my years of service in Minneapolis Public Schools, I have made connections and relationships with a large and diverse community of staff, students, parents and community members.

Other things I have done while working with Minneapolis Public schools:

  • During the Covid pandemic I worked at NorthEast Middle School with children of parents that were essential workers.

  • Led professional development to staff 

  • Led parent meetings

  • Led union meetings

  • Set up and given information about the Minneapolis public schools and the MFT union at Open Streets, and other community events.

  • Met with elected officials on behalf of our union and our children and families that we serve

  • Most of all I respect and care for each of the members that are running together on our slate 


Daniel Dorff

River Bend


11 Years w/MPS

11 Years w/MFT

Two contract campaigns on the bargaining team


Candidate Statement:


Hello fellow ESPs,


My name is Daniel Dorff. I am an SEA at River Bend where I have been for the past 11 years. It has been my honor to serve on the last two bargaining teams. I decided to run for the board this year as an at-large candidate. I believe that strong leadership is vital to getting what we need for our union members, the students and families we serve, and the health of our school district. I am committed to moving our union forward and believe we can do that through reaching out and listening to all ESPs, students and families. Seeking to engage with people is vital and so is taking action in response to what we’ve heard. I believe transparency as a board is important and so is clear communication. Strong leadership is vital so our members can be informed and engaged as much as possible. When we fight together we win!


Bridget Mendoza-Smith *Incumbent*

My name is Bridget Mendoza-Smith, and I am a Math Interventionist at Dowling Elementary and a current At-Large ESP Board member. I am also bilingual, neurodivergent and an MPS parent of a neurodivergent K-12 Spanish Dual Language pathway student who is graduating from Roosevelt this year. (Go Teddies!) 


In addition to being a current MFT board member, I've also served in the following capacities:


  • Current Member of ESP Bargaining Team

  • Current Contract Action Team (CAT)

  • Education Minnesota Leadership Training

  • ESP Building Steward at Folwell Elementary 


My MPS career began in 2009 with Minneapolis Kids as a temporary employee working one-on-one with a neurodivergent kindergarten student. It was in that role that I realized that I was meant to be an educator. Before returning to MPS as a Bilingual Associate Educator in 2016, I served in AmeriCorps as a Promise Fellow, in Reading Corps as a Bilingual Literacy Tutor and worked for Bloomington Public Schools as an EL Instructional Assistant. My favorite thing about being an ESP is helping children learn, grow, and reach their full human potential. But what keeps me in this work is Hope - or in Spanish Esperanza. Esperanza para nuestrxs niñxs - Hope for our children. Esperanza para el futuro - Hope for the future. Esperanza para la humanidad - Hope for humanity. 


And my Hope or Esperanza for the future of this union is that we will be strong enough so that no decision ABOUT US will be made WITHOUT US. Nada SOBRE NOSOTRXS, será SIN NOSOTRXS. We also need union leadership to demand that intersectionality be REPRESENTED and RESPECTED in our union. Intersectionality based on gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, class and other forms of discrimination that intersect to create unique dynamics and effects in our education system and our working environment. 


In my second term as an At-Large Board Member, I will continue to show up for our members, especially for my fellow bilingual and neurodivergent members. Our membership is a rich tapestry of diverse individuals with unique identities and perspectives – which makes our role as ESPs so crucial to the development of our students. We need MPS to recognize that ESPs make school happen, and when ESPs are SEEN and RESPECTED, WE, collectively as a public institution, are ensuring that STUDENTS are SEEN and RESPECTED. Myself along with my fellow running mates in Our Power Collective (OPC) are READY to do this WORK. 



Quentin Williams


Hi, my name is Quentin Williams. I work at Roosevelt as a Sea/Esp also I am the Esp Steward at my site. This is my 5th year in the district and 5th year union member, but I feel like I have learned a lot even in my short time here.  I am asking for your vote today for At Large Board Member because I think it is time to see a change in the district and that starts by letting our members know what is happening at other sites and then doing something about it. Also being there for members when they have questions and concerns about the contract or even if they will have a job in the fall. I also was a union organizer last summer and hearing what members had to say was important to me because I want to be able to fix those issues. Being an educator in Minneapolis Public Schools is important to me because I went to MPS as a student, and it felt like a community so being with the union made me realize I have to give back to that community.



Sherronda Wiley *Incumbent*

No candidate photo submitted

Hi I’m Sherronda Wiley.
I am currently an AE/ Family Liason at Bethune Arts Magnet School.

I also worked an an SEA & CCA at Mpls Kids. I’ve been in the district for  9 years.

I believe strongly in our union. I learned that we’re a family.  The love, compassion and loyalty that we all have for one another makes us not only a strong family, it also makes us a stronger union.

I am a team player who always shows up and believe in collective voice. I will continue showing up and I’m ready to continue to fight along side my family! 

I believe that I can continue to be a great addition to our board because I have fresh ideas, I always speak my truth, & I’d like to  continue to be the voice for ESPs that can’t be the voice for themselves.




No photo or statement was submitted for the following candidate:

Timothy Ray

Joint MRLF Chair




Rebecca Miller *Incumbent*

School Site: ECSE @ Wilder

Position: Speech Language Pathologist

Years with MPS: 31

MFT member: 31years

Union activities:  building steward, MRLF delegate and COPE committee member, MRLF Chair on MFT Joint Executive Board, Co-chair of Hardship Fund Committee 2024, Legislative and COPE committee, past COPE treasurer (for about 10 years) , ECSE Strike Captain, Regional Strike Captain for Wilder programs and ECFE (2022.)



I am running for the MLRF Chair seat on the MFT Executive Board on Moving Further Together slate.  For those who are not familiar with the Minneapolis Regional Labor Federation (MRLF), it is the umbrella organization of unions in the Minneapolis area.  MRLF’s mission is to organize in the community for social and economic justice for ALL working people. One of my goals as MRLF Chair is to work with MRLF to improve our overall strike preparedness in the areas of structural organization,  planning and communication, with a special focus on the hardship fund.  


I am excited to continue my work on the MFT EB.  I am a strong voice representing all members and our students.  As MRLF Chair, I not only represent licensed staff, but also ESPs.  I have worked closely with ESPs at MFT and in the classroom and my spouse is an ESP in ECSE.  I bring experience and perspective from early childhood education,  Special Education, and related services to the board.


Because of my work with MRLF, I value and understand the importance of MFT having strong relationships with the unions in our Minneapolis community.  We saw this in the support our fellow unions provide during our strike.  These relationships encourage support for our members and our MPS schools and students.  Our partnership with MRLF also provides MFT with opportunities to engage in social justice actions in our community that help support our MPS families and students. 


Please vote to keep our union Moving Further Together.

ESP Chapter MRLF Delegates
4 Positions



Listed alphabetically by last name

Mary Hampton**
Brenda Johnson**

Catina Taylor**
Karron Willis**

**Please refer to Candidate Statement above

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