Having a workplace conflict that threatens to derail your career?

The Roadmap to Resolution program is the name of the union-sponsored program provided through Education Minnesota that provides facilitation for conflict resolution.  This voluntary process is confidential, takes place outside of the District and is voluntary on the part of both members. You are encouraged to attempt self-resolution, but it not necessary that you have done so before making a request for facilitation.

A facilitator will contact both members to seek dates/times outside of the school day - you should plan on a commitment of two hours.  Keep in mind that the facilitator who contacts you will be looking to setup the date/time, clarify the process if you have questions, but is not seeking to collect background information about the conflict at this time. There will be two co-facilitators who will be present when you convene and they will work together to lead you and the other member through the process together.

For more background information, request forms and other resources go to Roadmap to Resolution (Ed Minn weblink).

The facilitators will destroy any notes they've kept (except for the outcome which is tracked for program reasons) once your meeting has ended; no information from this process will be provided to MFT or the District. All information is completely confidential.

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