During the summer of 2012 and throughout the 2012-2013 school year, the
leadership of the Minneapolis Federation of Teachers worked with VIVA (out
of Chicago) on an issue of great importance to schools - student behavior.
MFT then reached out to the Minneapolis school district administration to
create a process for teachers to provide feedback regarding student
behavior in our schools. As a result, we engaged teachers through surveys,
focus groups, online discussions, committee meetings, and writings
submitted by MPS teachers. Ideas, suggestions, and solutions were brought
forward and put into a comprehensive report (see link below). We believe
the new behavior system being suggested by MPS needs further discussion as
well as thorough planning. The VIVA report has many ideas and strategies
that could be used for ensuring we are implementing what will work best.

It is critical that we lower our suspensions and address the behavior
issues we face in our schools. At the same time, it is also critical that
we have adequate resources and time for addressing the behavior issues
that arise so that students and teachers get the support they need. We
want all students to be successful and to be in school.


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