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Gear up for your Precinct Caucus & Conventions! 

Educators across Minneapolis are participating in their precinct caucuses to decide what their local parties can advocate for. You have an opportunity to shape how our city can look like. 

These are all the seats that will be up for election in Minneapolis in 2021: 

  • Mayor

  • City Council Member Wards 1-13

  • Park Board Commissioners At Large (3 positions)

  • Park Board Commissioners Districts 1-6

  • Board of Estimate & Taxation Member (2 positions)

What is a Caucus?

The Minneapolis caucuses are political party that hosts neighborhood conversations on what your local political party should be focusing on. There will also be candidate campaigns who are seeking the support from you to get the local party's endorsement. You can volunteer to become a delegate at the Precinct Caucus to move on to meet about resolutions and endorsing candidates in the Ward Convention (City Council) & City Convention (Mayoral & Park Board). Remember, you have to be voted by your neighbors in your ward to become a delegate in every step (Caucus, Ward Convention & City Convention)

Local parties that had announced their Precinct Caucus process: 

Local parties that have not announce their Precinct Caucus process: 

Minneapolis DFL Timeline: 

  • April 1 - April 30

    • Caucus attendees register for the caucus.

  • Tuesday, April 27

    • Virtual caucus live events to help folks connect and hear from the candidates seeking to earn the endorsement in their community.

  • May 12 - May 18

    • Caucus attendees vote for their delegates to represent them at the conventions.

  • Weekend, June 5 - June 6

    • Ward Convention virtual events.

  • June 2 - June 8

    • Balloting for Ward Conventions to endorse City Council candidates. 

  • Saturday, June 12

    • City Convention virtual event. 

  • June 9 - June 15

    • Balloting for the City Convention to endorse candidates running for Mayor, Park Board, and Board of Estimate and Taxation. 

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