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Mediation Update Tuesday, 3.22.22

MPS has not interacted with the ESP chapter since they sent their Last Best Final on Saturday. MPS sent MFT Teacher Chapter a Last Best Final offer at 7pm tonight. This was the exact proposals that they had sent over around midnight last night. MFT made such significant movement in response to end this strike tonight. We presented a response to their Last Best Final that would settle this contract once and for all. MPS literally walked out of the building and if we are called back tomorrow, we will know by 8am.

Our students deserve better and we will not give up on them.

Mediation Update Monday, 3.21.22 (Scroll through to keep updated as new proposals are passed.)
*Here are proposals passed by the district today to the Teacher Chapter. This is in response to the MFT Teacher Chapter's attempt to reach settlement last night. Scroll down for last night's update and proposals for settlement.  **It appears that MPS is using blue for new language in their proposals. 

Important pieces to note:

1. Class size caps are in writing from MPS, but the language that follows is problematic.

2. Caseload proposal from MPS does not allow for the supports our students need and does not meet us in the middle- we continue to move and need MPS to do so as well.

3. MPS has not changed their pay proposal from 2% for the vast majority of our members in year one and 2% for everyone in year two. We have not received over 2% in the past 21 years and we continue to lose educators to surrounding districts that now pay more. We need competitive pay and yesterday, significantly moved our pay proposal to 5% in year one and 4% in year two.

4. MPS removed language in our ABAR-EOC proposal that holds MPS accountable, provides supports needed, exit interviews that provide a process for repairing harm, the staff adjustment labor management committee to look at when MPS is choosing to slash budgets and excess/layoff. In order to create systemic change and recruit and retain educators of color, we need all of the language we have proposed in place, not pieces of it. The  MPS proposal continues to under-resource mentors for educators of color by offering only 2 mentors for educators of color districtwide.

5. MPS continues to remove our language around moving up the hiring timeline (when other districts are hiring) so that we can hire more educators of color. This is of no cost to them and is an equity issue.

6. MPS proposal for ABE does not move our Adult Education educators onto the K-12 salary schedule and does not establish pay parity with other licensed teachers in MFT59.  Without moving our ABE educators to the K-12 salary schedule, our ABE educators will remain among the lowest paid licensed educators in the state.

What they have sent over is not making the movement our members need to end this strike. 
3:35pm MFT (to MPS) counterproposal to reach settlement.

More information will be posted here as we have it.
Mediation Update 3.20.22
*Here are proposals passed by MFT today to reach settlement with MPS. MPS has not countered and said they will follow up tomorrow, 3.21.22 at noon.

More information will be posted here as we have it.
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