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Committee on Political Education (COPE)

MFT members are fired up and ready to go for the 2023 election
to demand the schools our students deserve!

What is COPE?

MFT59 Committee on Political Education (COPE) is one way we build power to win the schools our students, educators and families deserve. We engage in electoral politics at the local level - school board, our state legislative seats, attorney general, secretary of state, state auditor and governor.

How are we building political power?

COPE supports candidates who support Minneapolis Public Schools by:

  • advocating at the state level for increased funding for our schools

  • supporting worker and union rights

  • partnering with us in their governance


In addition to candidates, COPE contributes to political parties when it is in the interest of our endorsed candidates. To sign up for COPE to visit your site, fill out this form: Click Here

To learn more about upcoming events, training or request a training, please contact our COPE Chair, Natasha Dockter, at

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