Constitution & Bylaws Proposed Amendments

Voting “yes” means you support the amendment(s). Voting “no” means that you do not support the amendment(s).

Proposed Amendment 1: Move to change the quorum for Joint Executive Board meetings. (Article 6, Section 5, Parts b and c)


Proposed Amendment 2: Move to change the adoption and amendment process for policies from a referendum, to a vote of the Joint Executive Board, and clarify language concerning the amending process for the Constitution and Bylaws. (Article 5, Section 2; Article 6, Section 2; Article 8, Sections 3 and 4; Chapter 6, Part 2)

Proposed Amendment 3: Move to add an additional sentence informing members how to get access to meeting minutes. (Chapter 3, Part 6)

Proposed Amendment 4: Move to add check-signing capabilities to the role of the First Vice President. (Chapter 4, Part 2)

Proposed Amendment 5: Move to remove the word “Chapter” in Chapter 12, Vacancies, to align with Chapter 4, Part 4 of the Bylaws. (Chapter 12, Part 5)


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