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MFT Joint Executive Board Elections

2022-2024 Term

MFT Joint Executive Board and convention delegation elections are overseen by the Elections Committee, chaired by Martha Williams. You can contact the Elections Committee at

Elections are governed by the MFT Constitution and Bylaws, Chapter 13.

  Winners are bolded.  

Any questions or concerns regarding campaigning, voting, results, or any part of the election process should be directed to

Thank you for participating in the democratic processes of your union!  



ESP President  
Catina Neal Taylor 100%

ESP 1st Vice President 
Brenda Johnson 100%

ESP 2nd Vice President 
Mikel Herb 53%
Stacey Gurian-Sherman 47%

ESP Recording Secretary
Katrinka Zackery 100%

ESP Executive Board at large (4 seats)  
Sherronda Wiley  84.7%
Kim Ambers 82.8%
Karron Willis 81.4%
Bridget Mendoza-Smith 74.5%

ESP Delegates to MRLF (4 seats) 
Ma-Riah Roberson-Moody 81.8%
Shaun Laden 81.8%
Mary Webb-Hampton 65.6%
Karron Willis 63.2%

Bridget Mendoza-Smith 48.8%


Teacher President
Greta Callahan 82.3%
Alexis Mann 17.7%

Teacher 1st Vice President
Marcia Howard 88.2%
Charles Luter 11.8%

Teacher 2nd Vice President
Tiffany Doherty 100%

Joint Treasurer
Tequila Laramee 84.2%
Marcus Washington 15.8%

Joint MRLF Chair
Rebecca Miller 82.6%
Sarah Spleiss 17.4%

Teacher Recording Secretary
Natasha Dockter 84.3%
Sharita Benson 15.7%

Teacher Executive Board At-Large (11 seats)
Edward Barlow 85.3%
Silvia Ibanez 83.8%
Amal Omar-Samatar 79.0%
Marcia Wyatt 78.6%
Lindsey West 75.7%
Robert Panning-Miller 74.8%
Loretta VanPelt 73.7%
Mary Cuff 72.7%
Christina Brantner 70.3%
Matt Pellowski 70.0%
Jessica Garraway 42.1%

Mary Manor 24.1%
Dan Troccoli 24.1%
Steven Montgomery 22%
Arielle Rocca 18.2%
Alvin Johnson 13.9%

Teacher Delegates to MRLF (8 seats) 
Natasha Dockter 80.5%
Anne Lewerenz 51.8%
Caroline Long 51.7%
Jose Rodriguez 49.0%
Maureen Dowling 47.1%
Dan Troccoli 46.9%
Alvin Johnson 35.9%
Toby Schroder 35.6%

Marcus Washington 28.0%
Alexis Mann 27.0%
Sharita Benson 26.6%
Charles Luter 21.4%


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