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Teacher Officer Positions
Listed alphabetically by last name, with incumbency indicated.


Marcia Howard

Site: Roosevelt High School

Years With MPS: 25

Years With MFT: 25

Union Work: MFT Community Liaison 2021, wherein I did community outreach to communicate the need to support strong, safe, and thriving public schools while providing information about threats to it. I planned and hosted events at George Floyd Square for union members, students, and their families and attended and spoke at rallies as a member of MFT. I was a representative at the ED MN Representative Assembly.

In 2022, as a rank and file member and full-time teacher, I spoke at rallies in support of our historic strike and in defense of public education. I was elected as 1st Vice President of the Teacher Chapter on the Moving Forward Together slate and serve as on of the Bargaining Leads on this latest contract campaign.


Candidate Statement:


My name is Marcia Howard and I have been an English teacher at Roosevelt High School since 1998 except for one year at Franklin Middle School. It was there, my second year teaching, where I began to notice the incursions on public education and became more involved in the union. I believe that free public education is the last meritocratizing institution in this nation. We need to defend it. While standing in the epicenter of a global social justice movement, our recognition that educational justice, equity, and safe and stable schools was a spark that I believe helped light the flame of this historic year for our union.


I am running for President of MFT because we need a voice that is informed by the realities we now face as a union and profession. My experience with strategy, organization, mobilization, and community involvement will be thrown wholeheartedly into our next challenges. The Moving Further Together slate is one that I am proud to be on because the candidates are keenly aware of how important our next steps are as a union. We need to be ready to stand strong for our students, our colleagues, our communities, and our calling. 


If you know me, you know that I stay ready. I am so very proud to be a teacher and proud to be in MFT.

Marcia Howard.jpg


Nafeesah Muhammad

School Site: Camden High School

Position: Education Pathway and Coordinator

Years with MPS: 9 yrs

Years with MFT: 9 yrs

Union Involvement: I have been and am currently a union steward, a member of the CAT, and co-chair of CDD taskforce  


My name is Nafeesa Muhmmad and I have been a teacher in Minneapolis Public Schools for nine years—eight of those years I served as an ELA teacher. I currently teach in the Education Pathway program at Camden High School, formerly known as Patrick Henry High School. The program has four college-level courses.  Students are awarded college credit and high school elective credit through concurrent enrollment. It is my calling to increase the educator pipeline through recruitment, retention, support, and protection. This is also why I currently serve as a union steward. I've seen countless teachers leave mid-school year due to a lack of pay, protection, and support. Being a union steward has become a part-time job.


I know I'm not your ordinary union leader but I am a leader. I am mostly known for the Culturally Responsive/Culturally Sustaining Pedagogy professional development sessions I have facilitated throughout my nine years with the district, my community engagement and education justice advocacy. I believe people don’t know what they don't know, but do better when they know better. All rank and file members should be trained on the union executive board election campaign rules and process, in addition to their roles and responsibilities. This would ensure greater access to leadership roles and accountability. We should be trained on Robert's Rules of Order in order to fully participate in member meetings. We should know where our dues go. Our dues should be used to reinvest into our membership. There should be public disclosure of union annual financial reports, including disclosure of our totals spent on organizing versus collective bargaining. If our president goes on leave for a year or someone steps down from an executive board position, we should be informed. We should know why. Where there is shared knowledge there is shared power.


This is what makes me different. I believe we all want to achieve the same goal, however, how we are situated within our context may differ. It is within these differences that those who are in power can exploit, divide and conquer. My goal is to bring us together. Our union is powerful, but it's only as powerful as our unity and solidarity. Solidarity happens through connection, engagement, and education on an on-going basis, not just during negotiations. There's so much power in our union when we are unified, not only when the executive board thinks solidarity is justified. Too often we are only organized to show up during contract negotiations. Solidarity and collective action should not be practiced at the last minute during negotiations. We should have “teach-ins”. We should all know how to organize, create, and run campaigns. We should know our rights. 


As a union member and steward, I know firsthand the challenges that come with achieving true union engagement.We should make room for “good conflict”, the kind that teaches us about one another and moves us forward with shared understanding.  There should be no " Us against Them mentality". This is not how you achieve solidarity. The culture often feels like Probationary Teachers vs Veteran Teachers ,Tier 1 and Tier 2 Teachers vs Traditionally Licensed Teachers, TFA Teachers vs Traditionally Licensed Teachers, and Teachers struggling with Cultural Competency vs BIPOC Teachers. These differences shouldn't divide us. These differences are an opportunity to support one another. There should be a removal of anti-democratic obstacles. A democratic union is a strong militant union. 


In order to get something different, we must do some things differently.There is a tradition in our union for the executive board to pass the baton to whomever is already in line on the executive board. They choose our leaders for us so that it can go back to business as usual. I want to disrupt this cycle. I believe a strong union needs competent leaders who invite member engagement and help to give it focus. It also needs active members who can bring their aspirations, creativity, and power to any initiative. Together we can change the culture into one where leaders respect and serve their members . 


Please join me and my slate, Members For Transformation, in creating a positive change within our union. Together, we can ensure that all members are informed and have a voice in decision-making. Let's make our union truly powerful by embracing diversity and unity. 


Natasha Dockter

Site: Davis Center

Years in MPS: 8

Years in MFT: 8

Union Activities/Involvement: 2022-Present Teacher Chapter Recording Secretary, 2021-2022 CAT, Building Steward 2018-2021, COPE Committee 2018-Present, COPE Chair 2019-Present

I am a middle school social studies and AVID teacher. Currently, I serve as a TOSA who supports probationary teachers throughout the tenure process and supports all licensed staff with the PDP process. Previously, I worked at Andersen United.

I am running for First Vice President of the Teacher Executive Board because I want to help lead our union to continue to build power to fight for the schools our students deserve. Over the past several years, we have built a lot of collective power through our strike and current contract campaign. We must further grow our power in the years ahead. This growth of power includes having efficient and effective Union communication and committees, building up our member

leaders and ensuring we are strike ready in case we ever need to take that action. Continuing to grow our power will allow us to further push for change that will strengthen MPS for all students.

If elected as First Vice President, I would also prioritize supporting our stewards around contract enforcement. Without contract enforcement, our contract is just words on a paper. As an officer, I would also focus on fostering a culture at MFT59 where all are welcome to participate and lead. As a Union, it is essential that we support and encourage new leaders. During our 2022 strike and this contract campaign, many members have stepped up and are playing a crucial role; it is essential that we continue to foster their involvement and leadership. I will also ensure that we are welcoming and supportive to new members so that they may feel the power of our collective Union.

In addition to focusing on these priorities, as a board officer, I commit to being approachable, transparent and hard-working. I will also use my previous experience as a chair of our Committee on Public Education (COPE) and my organizational and listening skills to ensure that our union’s Joint Executive Board meetings are well run and efficient in my role as First Vice President. Additionally, I will work collaboratively with our joint officers to ensure MFT runs smoothly. With this in mind, I ask for your vote and your support of the Moving Further Together slate.


Becky Trammell

School Site: Lucy Laney

Position 1st Vice President

Years in Minneapolis: 15 years

Years with MFT:10


I am a dedicated educator with two decades of experience in the profession. Currently teaching 3rd and 4th graders, My career is underpinned by a profound commitment to responsibility, teamwork, compassion, loyalty, and dependability. These values have not only guided me through 20 years of educational service but have also been the bedrock of my 10-year membership in the MFT.


Before embracing my role as a special education teacher, I honed my skills and empathy as a Special Education Assistant for a decade. This foundation has deeply influenced my perspective on education, emphasizing the need for targeted support and inclusive learning environments that cater to all students' needs. I am now stepping forward to run for union leadership, driven by a passionate belief in job security, better working conditions, and the importance of enhanced supports for teachers and students. I envision a future where educators are empowered through working conditions that enable them to focus on what they do best: teaching. I also envision a union where our members have more opportunities to provide input and vision freely to union leadership with open communication and transparency from leadership at all times.


Furthermore, I am committed to holding district leaders accountable for financial decisions, ensuring that resources are allocated in ways that directly benefit the student's learning experience. I plan to do this through lobbying and advocating with our state and national leaders for more funding and a closer look at our district’s spending and budget.  Join me in advocating for a future where every classroom is a place of learning, hope, and inspiration, supported by policies prioritizing students' and educators' well-being and success.


Tiffany Doherty *Incumbent*

Anwatin Middle School

6/8th Grade Mathematics Teacher

18 years with MPS (4 as an ESP at Windom Spanish Immersion, 14 as a math teacher at Anwatin); 18 years as a union member; I have served as a building union steward on and off throughout my teaching career, BIPOC chair, Lead on Bargaining Team (23-25 contract), 2nd VP of Teacher Chapter.


It is with great enthusiasm that I ask for your support, again, as I run for 2nd Vice President. My experiences as an MPS educator of 18 years and that of a parent of a student highly impacted by the CDD, I have been witness to the atrocities created by district leadership. Real change is possible within MPS and I am eager to continue to build on the momentum we’ve gained since our strike, and to continue building unity and strength within our union.

As a result of my experiences not only as an educator, but perhaps more importantly as an previous MPS parent, I’ve been witness to a system that does not truly value the families that are served nor the educators that are of service. I am passionate about changing the power structure that we see within MPS today. I know that the true educational experts are those of us in front of students daily – our voices should be valued and upheld. I am committed to working to disrupt the status quo and the top-down model that serves very few in our district. It has been amazing to see more educators lean into union work. I am eager to see what will unfold in our future – together we can create the district that we envision.

I am committed to the continued fight of protecting public schools. I see this commitment as a way of fighting for the educational success of the beautiful Black and Brown bodies that we serve daily. I look forward continuing that work alongside the other experienced educators and union leaders on the Moving Further Together slate.


Alcindor Hollie

School Site: Lucy Laney

Position: 2nd Vice President

Years in Minneapolis: 24yrs

Years with Mft:11yrs



“Candidate statement”

I’m a passionate, motivated 4th-grade teacher with a rich teaching legacy that spans over two decades. I currently teach at Lucy Craft Laney Elementary School. I have dedicated 24 years of my life to educating and motivating the kids I serve to be their very best! I am also a product of the Minneapolis Public School system with a love of giving back to the community from which I’m from.  My values of kindness, love, wisdom, diversity, and leadership help me create a great learning environment for my students. I stand out not only for my educational and behavior expertise but also for my innate ability to inspire and guide those who are around me. I’m known for having the courage to advocate for fairness and equity for students and colleagues in the school setting. I’m also not afraid to facilitate and hold courageous conversations with stakeholders, while earning the trust and respect of my peers, students, and families alike.


I’m running for MFT leadership, driven by a vision to champion equity for black and brown children in this district. I am for the recruitment and retention of a more diverse staff, which reflects the wide-ranging cultures represented in the classrooms that we serve. I believe that our children deserve educators who not only understand their background but also share some of their experiences, empowering students to see and become their best selves! I’m determined to ensure that our district spending is relentlessly focused on a "kids-first" agenda, and my leadership aims to prioritize the needs and well-being of students above all.  I will do my best to make sure that every decision made at the district level is with the intention of benefiting our youth. 


Outside the classroom, I have made significant contributions as a mentor, and a football/ basketball assistant coach in Minneapolis and Richfield high schools for over 25 years. My coaching experience, coupled with my upbringing and education in the Minneapolis public school system, deepens my understanding of the community that I serve. Join me, “and my slate Members For Transformation”, in our mission to create an educational environment that mirrors the diversity, strength, and potential of all our students, fostering a world where every child is equipped to achieve their dreams and beyond. I look forward to serving you as your 2nd Vice President.


Adewale Philip Adenodi

My name is Adewale Philip Adenodi (He/Him), I am a Social Studies teacher at Camden (Henry) High School. I have been teaching and a member of the union for almost 5 years. I am a Union Steward for Camden.

I am running for Secretary for Members for Transformation slate. I have spent years serving on boards of social justice oriented organizations. I have focused on overseeing funds, communication and overall leadership of these organizations. The one that has been the most important to me outside of being a union steward has been advocating for the retention and recruitment of BIPOC educators. I hold that work close because as a Black educator I have seen how much of a struggle it is to stay in this profession, a pattern of isolations, lack of avenues for advocacy and feeling pushed out. I believe a strong transparent union can alleviate or even eliminate these issues . I want to be a member of the executive board because I value the purpose of unions for us as educators and its ability to create a better school community. As a member and now union steward I have seen the need for clear communication and understanding of the processes of how to navigate our union. This has made it difficult to advocate for myself and others within this union. Since all of us pay into this institution it must reflect democratic principles, such as clear communication in process, an equitable understanding of perspective and a radical practice of our obligation to each other and the communities we serve. As secretary, I will always prioritize both member understanding of our union and member communication about the purpose behind each of the decisions we make. I believe a strong union built solidarity requires. 1. A clear understanding of how we invest your duds back into you and our fellow educators. 2. An understanding of how and why we show up for each other and how this looks, especially within the executive board. 3. A union wide understanding of why we make the decisions we do. Let’s create a stronger, activated and a more transparent union.


Christina Brantner

Site: Transition Plus

Subject: Music Therapy, Teacher

Years at MPS: 15.5

Years in MFT: 8

Union Work: Dues-paying member observer and listener for six years to learn the process and hear member perspectives. Active union work during the historic strike: Picket line, collective childcare supporter and co-organizer, and building team support. I am a Current Executive Board member-at-large, and ‘23-25 Bargaining Team member.


My name is Christina Brantner and I am seeking your support for recording secretary for the teacher executive board. I am a direct beneficiary of union work and member support. I spent my first 6 years as a dues-paying member, listening and observing. I spent the last 2 years serving as a member-at-large learning and building upon past union processes, and working with union leaders and members, seeking what past processes and systems are working and what is no longer serving our current union. I’ve heard many voices over the years. I once considered myself to be a voice that felt mostly silenced by louder voices in the space. I expanded my involvement in organizing and leadership spaces over the past few years. I’ve learned to appreciate the tenuous balance between urgency in movement with the value of pausing to consider areas where movement and action might hinder or harm the powerful work we could do as a labor union. We are not a perfect union. We constantly need to balance the power of the collective with the individual needs as members. Union leaders such as myself will never be perfect for everyone, but we’re Moving Further Together in greater unified strength.

Executive Board


Lizz Done

Davis Center/City-wide

PAR Mentor

13 years with MPS and as a union member (6 at Green Central as an ML and 1st/2nd grade teacher, 3 at Whittier as a 1st grade teacher, 4 years as a PAR mentor); I have served as a building union steward on and off throughout my teaching career, year round organizer, regional strike captain, bargaining team member (current contract), CAT member, member organizer on partial release.

I am excited to ask for your support as I run for union treasurer. In our union, we need staunch advocates for all of our members. In my work as a classroom teacher and as a PAR mentor I have had first hand experience with many schools in our district and have come to realize how important a strong union is to building schools that work better for us, our students, and our community. We have a moral obligation to continue building schools and our own power as union members to create the strongest school district we can and push back against those who seek to diminish the voices of teachers and public schools as a whole.


My vision for all our union  is to build a district that values the voices of professionals and gives everyone the support they need to continue showing up every day. That we will grow together, create change together, and continue Moving Further Together.


Mary Manor

No candidate photo submitted

Washburn High School

Teacher, English

12 years in Minneapolis and with MFT

Former 1st vice president, 2nd vice president, and executive board member.  Team member/lead on three previous contract negotiations teams.


I am seeking the position of Treasurer on the Joint Executive Board.  This position serves both the Teacher and Education Support Professionals chapters, and the work is essential to the smooth running of our union as well as ensuring that the financial priorities of the members are heard and addressed.


A budget is a moral document, outlining the values and priorities of the organization that creates it.  In previous stints on the executive board, I served as a member of the budget committee, arguing passionately with equally passionate peers to allocate members’ union dues in line with the priorities and values of the union.  While values must be reflected through the budget, at the same time, we have a responsibility to “keep the lights on”; balancing the social justice and activist priorities of the membership with the day to day necessities is a key responsibility of the treasurer, and a responsibility I will take on with integrity.


I am running with the Our Power Collective slate, a team of dedicated Education Support Professionals from around the district.  These dedicated educators asked me to join their slate as a teacher member and stand for the joint treasurer position.  The members of this slate demonstrate the qualities that I believe we should all demand in our union leadership: integrity, understanding, and dedication to the people they serve.  These leaders have a history of involvement with the union, engagement with the members, and an understanding of the power of workers to change public education.  Solidarity is a practice, and the members of the Our Power Collective slate understand that it will take practicing solidarity to continue to build a union and district we can all be proud to be members of.


Our working conditions are our students’ learning conditions.  As a union educator, I firmly believe that the union is the most powerful force to affect change in our schools, district, and city.  With a strong and dedicated leadership in both the teacher and education support professionals chapter, our union has a bright and progressive future.  I encourage you to vote for Our Power Collective for ESP leadership, for Mary Manor for Joint Treasurer, as well as for Marcia Howard and her slate for teacher leadership.  


Shanna (Shay) Williams-Clark

School Site: Franklin STEAM Middle School

Position: Science Teacher

Years with MPS: 30 yrs

Years with MFT: 5yrs

Union Involvement: Dedicated rank and file member for 30 years


I have been a MPS employee for approximately 30 years and 25 of those years, I was a paraprofessional in the ESP union. I felt comfortable with the executive board members speaking on my behalf because I felt like they were relatable and familiar with my situations since many were dealing with similar work environments and contractual conflicts.


Now that I am a member of MFT, I feel like I need to become more involved to build that welcoming collaboration between members and executive board members. It seems as if a small group of union leaders control the important information, decisions, and actions taken which is something the “Members for Transformation '' slate want to change.  I am currently running for Treasurer, so that we can build that financial transparency for all members. Everyone should feel informed about what union dues are used for, how much spending is on organizing and have access to collective bargaining financial reports. This is something I do not see happening and hope to implement within our union.  I want to play an important role in educating members of their contributions, our roles and responsibilities as executive board members, and being involved in building bonds among MFT members, executive board members, and district board members. My experience as a rank and file member for both chapters makes me a perfect candidate as a joint treasure. My vision for this transformative change can happen with your support if you are willing to vote for change.

Teacher Chapter Executive Board Candidates
11 At-Large Positions

Listed alphabetically by last name, with incumbency indicated.


Mary Cuff *Incumbent*

School Site: Hmong International Academy 

Yrs w/MPS: 6 years

MFT Member: 6 years

MNA Member: 10 years (Abbott Northwestern Hospital)


Union Activities/History: Dues paying member of MFT since 2018. At Large Executive Board Member 2020-present. Persevered while actively learning and leading through the 2022 historic strike. 


Dues paying member of MNA from 2006-2016.  Active participant in 2010 Strike at Abbott Northwestern Hospital.  Attended rallies, meetings, and logged many hours phone banking.  My main focus as an MNA member and patient advocate was for safe staffing and patient/nurse acuity ratios.  


Candidate Statement: 

My name is Mary Cuff.  I am a licensed school nurse working at Hmong International Academy. I have been the building nurse there for almost 2 years.  Before taking my current position I worked as the district substitute nurse for 1 year. I started with MPS at Nellie Stone Johnson Elementary and was there for 3 years.

Before my time at MPS, I was an active member of the Minnesota Nurses Association for 10 years while working at Abbott Northwestern Hospital.


I am excited and motivated to be running for the MFT Executive Board a third time. The last 4 years have been unprecedented and transformative for me individually. I feel this is true for all collectively and globally. 

The MFT Executive Board and our union members have kept me focused, inspired, and committed. We have grown tremendously in membership, power, and solidarity. I know we are the ones who are changing history, the heroes of our generation, and the lightworkers. I also know we have a considerable amount of difficult work to do.

I’m a caregiver to my core with passion to do difficult and honest work. I know we are stronger together and collectively we have the passion needed to keep going. We need to keep fighting earnestly side by side for the safe and stable schools we deserve and our precious students deserve.

I humbly ask for your vote to serve another term on the MFT Executive Board. I pledge to use my strong leadership and communication skills to advocate for our teachers, nurses, union siblings, our city, and most importantly our students and their families.

I strongly support Marcia Howard for President and her Slate. I look forward to serving on the Executive Board and please let’s keep Moving Further Together!


Farhiya Del


No candidate photo submitted

My name is Farhiya Del and I work at Lyndale Community School as a World Language teacher, specifically teaching Somali. Prior to this role, I taught second grade for 4 years and worked as a Bilingual Associate Educator. This is my third year teaching Somali Language. I have been with the district for 17 years and I a am a member of MFT59 for the same amount of time. I live in Minneapolis with my husband and our 4 children, who all attend MPS. We have two high schoolers, one middle schooler, and one elementary school student.


Candidate statement 


I would like to express my keen interest in candidacy for a position within MFT59. As a dedicated member of the organization and a passionate educator at Lyndale Community School, I believe that my experience and commitment make me a strong candidate for this role.


With 17 years of experience in the district, I have had the privilege of teaching second grade and serving as a Bilingual Associate Educator before transitioning to teaching Somali Language. Throughout my career, I have always been dedicated to supporting my fellow educators and advocating for the best interests of our students.


I am confident that my experience, dedication, and passion for education align well with the values and goals of MFT59. I am eager to continue serving the educators and students in our district and to contribute to the important work of our organization.


Thank you for considering my candidacy. I am excited about the opportunity to continue working with MFT59 and to make a positive impact on our community. I look forward to the possibility of discussing how my skills and experiences can benefit the organization.


Kyarra Edmond

School Site: Loring Elementary School
Position: Executive Board
Years With MPS: 3
Years With MFT: 8

As a black activist born and raised in Minneapolis, my commitment to our students and community is unwavering. Serving as a first-grade teacher at Loring Elementary, my candidacy for the MFT executive board is driven by a desire to amplify the often-silenced voices in our union and educational community.

My journey from a student in Minneapolis schools to an educator across various roles has equipped me with a deep understanding of our educational system's challenges and opportunities. I am deeply invested in the future of our district, and my campaign is rooted in the belief that our union will thrive under the leadership of individuals who have lived, learned, and worked within it.

I am running to foster a more inclusive, transparent, democratic, and forward-thinking MFT. My aim is to negotiate a teacher-union contract that reflects our collective aspirations for student success, emphasizing equity, justice, and opportunity. Join me in championing a movement towards a vibrant educational future where every member of our union is valued and empowered.

Kyarra Edmond_edited.jpg


Nate Hart-Andersen *Incumbent*

Site: Adult Education North Campus

Position: Adult Education Teacher

5 years with MPS, 5 years with MFT

Union Activity: Board Member, Bargaining Lead, Strike Captain, Steward


My name is Nate Hart-Andersen, and I am running to be an at-large board member for the Teacher Chapter of MFT as part of the Moving Further Together slate of candidates. 


I am a product of MPS. I attended Clara Barton through 8th grade, and graduated from Southwest High School. But even more importantly, I am an adult educator in my 5th year of teaching at MPS. 


I am proud to have been the first adult education teacher to serve on MFT’s executive board. In addition to my service on the executive board, I have been a union steward, strike captain, and have been involved in 3 contract negotiations, including as a bargaining lead for the current contract campaign. It would be an honor to be re-elected to the executive board as an at-large member. 


As many of you may know, adult education teachers at MPS are underpaid. And though the Tentative Agreement we just won for the Adult Education contract represents a significant step towards eliminating the pay disparity between adult educators and all other licensed teachers at MPS, there remains more to do. I am proud to work alongside highly skilled educators who have devoted decades of their lives to serving adult students in spite of this pay disparity, and I am 100% committed to continuing to do everything in my capacity to win them the respect and compensation they deserve. 


The main lesson I have learned as I have gotten more involved in MFT is the power of solidarity. In just a few years we have seen adult education change from a small, almost invisible part of both MPS and MFT into an increasingly powerful and vocal part of our union. Everything we have achieved, including the significant wins from our new TA, have been won thanks to the incredible solidarity from our union siblings. 


If elected, I intend to do my best to repay this solidarity in-kind. I am committed to representing all Teacher Chapter members, to listening to the ideas and concerns of our members, and to doing my best to act in the best interests of our union, our students, and our community. 


With all that said, I’d like to ask for your vote and support, both for myself and for the entire slate of Moving Further Together candidates. There is so much we can win together!


Silvia Ibáñez *Incumbent*

School Site: Emerson

Grade Level/Subject: Art teacher, H5-5 grade

Years w/ MPS: 9 years at MPS 16 years in education.

MFT Member: 9 years

Union Activities: Help lead work around CDD, Latino Families Collective, LPAC, MFT Executive

Board Member 2020-Present, Strike committee member. Co-chair of Community Engagement

Committee 2023-Present.


I am proudly running for Executive Board for the Minneapolis Federation of Teachers as a passionate Art Teacher and mother of two MPS students. I love working at Emerson because I see myself in our children and they see them in me. It is important to me that students feel reflected in their teachers and that members feel reflected in their Union. I am excited to continue representing them and our members within MFT in this leadership position.


I am passionate about working with Latino families and helping them navigate through the education system. I want families of color and immigrants to feel that they have a voice within Minneapolis Public Schools and I want our members to feel they have a voice within the

Minneapolis Federation of Teachers. MPS must invest more in our teachers of color and I will fight for that as your board member.


I spent significant time organizing around the Comprehensive District Design. I have seen a process that never once included me, families or my students. I have witnessed the board moving forward with a vote, despite all evidence not to. I felt unseen, unheard, and so did the families I work with. I will always stand up and speak out when something isn’t right.


The past strike has changed all of us and I am proud of all the work that we did together. Being at the picket line together was an act of love, for our students, co-workers and ourselves. Being there every morning under the cold, the rain or snow, walking, dancing together gave me so much hope for the future. I now have a new family in my coworkers and I know that we can fight together for better schools. This is the beginning. We won a battle. We won protection for BIPOC educators, more mental health for our students and a well deserved salary increase for our ESPs. I know it is not enough. All of us deserve better, our students deserve better. I am going to keep fighting, because I know I am a fighter and I know that I have all of you. This fight is an act of love, for our students and co workers, and because public education is one of the most important pillars of our society. We need to be ready. The future is all of us. Solidarity forever!


I fully support Marcia Howard and our slate, Moving Further Together, and ask for your vote in the upcoming election.


Ian Lyon

School Site: Burroughs Community School

Position: 3-5 Reading Interventionist, AL Teacher, and 4th grade Telescope Math Teacher

Years with MPS: 2 yrs (with a teaching contract); 3 yrs as a Long Term Substitute Teacher

Years with MFT: 2 yrs.

Union Involvement: Member


Candidate Statement:


I have been a teacher since 2008, but have lived in Texas and North Carolina, before moving to Minneapolis and becoming a proud MPS teacher in 2019, where I was at first a Long Term Substitute and now am in my second year as a contracted full-time MPS teacher at Burroughs Elementary. I have taught in north and south Minneapolis. I have seen the inequities that exist and I would like to help change systems to make Minneapolis a school district that all teachers, families, and students can feel confident, safe, and excited about. I am also an MPS parent. I am committed to bringing transparency, equity, and open conversations to MFT through being an At-Large Executive Board member of the “Members for Transformation” team. 


I believe in our vision to build a better bond between MFT members and to hold true to strong servant leadership. We come to MFT with a solid sense of core values amongst us all and a dedication to member engagement and aspirations. There is no doubt in my mind that we will bring respect and positivity to the MFT where members can feel comfortable to share their ideas as a whole.


I have a fresh eye coming from out of state school districts and there is nothing that could stop me from serving and protecting the students I teach or have taught and my own children. My love for teaching drives my desire to change things for the better. We have a beautiful city in front of us that needs us and I’m ready to serve via MFT.


Amelia D. Marquez

Pronouns: She/They

School Site: Thomas Edison High School

Grade Lvl/Subj: IB DP Psychology - 11th/12th; MYP US History - 10th

Yrs w/MPS: 2 years

MFT Member: 2 years NEA Member: 3 years


Union Activities: Union Steward, Contract Action Team, authored and passed MFT resolution in support for MPS adopting a Gender Inclusion Policy, Endorsed as a legislative candidate in 2018 by Montana Federation of Public Employees, Montana AFL-CIO, Billings Education Association, Planned Parenthood Advocates of Montana, National LGBTQ Victory Fund, National Democratic Socialists of America, National Our Revolution, National Latino Victory Fund


Candidate Statement:

Today, I stand before you with a heart full of solidarity. My journey from the area of sugar beet refineries, Rocky

Mountains, and the Yellowstone River in Montana to the forefront of advocacy for workers and the most vulnerable

has been a true testament to the power of resilience and activism.


Growing up in Montana, where the spirit of unionism runs deep in the soil, I learned that when we stand together, we are truly unstoppable. As a proud Coahuiltecan Native American and Mexican, I carry with me the vibrant tapestry of our union's diversity - voices that might not have always been heard in the early years of our union or the

great Labor Movement, but deserve the main focus of our efforts as we move forward.


From humble beginnings in Billings to the global stage, I have never wavered in my commitment to justice and equality. From running for office and winning a primary election as one of the first trans/Two Spirit Natives/Latinas to do so to holding the Montana state government accountable through the landmark case: Marquez v. State of Montana: with every interview, every rally, every fight, I have stood shoulder to shoulder with the most vulnerable, amplifying our voices and demanding a seat at the table for all. As my grandpa would tell us: If you aren’t at the table, you are on the menu. My advocacy has been featured in interviews with CNN, NBC, MTV, Them, Remezcla, NPR's All Things Considered, and more.


But, our movement is far from over. As we stand on the precipice of a new era, we face challenges that demand bold and visionary leadership. These challenges are as disparate and varied as addressing the urgent threat of the climate crisis, advancing Indigenous Education for All, and protecting our most vulnerable educators and students. The path forward is clear: we must act, and we must act now. The world is legitimately on fire, and the only thing stopping the top 1% of our society from burning all of us is union power. Your power.


So let us rise, my union siblings. Let us rise to meet the challenges before us with courage and conviction. Real change happens from the bottom up and not the other way around, and that is why I know all of us are Moving

Further Together.


In solidarity,

Amelia D. Marquez



Robert Panning-Miller *Incumbent*

School Site:  South High School

Grade Level/Subject:  9-12 Social Studies

Years in MPS:  32

Union activities/involvement:  President of MFT 59, 2006-2008; building steward, 1996 – 2006 and 2008 – present; MFT Executive Board 2010 – 2014 and 2018 - present; Education Minnesota Governing Board 2007 – 2013; Chair of Negotiations Committee 2007 – 2008;  Delegate to Education Minnesota Representative Convention multiple years; served on multiple joint union/district committees; served on Education Minnesota’s Human Rights Committee; REACH Caucus, 5 years.



When I was a probationary teacher 25 years ago, my building steward, Irv Smith, encouraged me to be active in the union.  When I achieved tenure, I signed up to be a steward at South, and  I have been active ever since.  The work we do with our students is made better by the work we do in our union.  I believe a strong system of true public schools is essential for society, and this requires a strong, transparent, and democratic union.


I’m running for reelection to the Executive Board to continue the work of empowering our union and strengthening public education.  This requires building strong coalitions and working in partnership with parents and students.  Throughout my career, I have participated in marches and rallies on behalf of labor, public education, racial justice, immigrant rights, LGBT, and women’s issues.  I have continually spoken out and marched in support of public education, labor, and social justice issues.  I am happy to see that our union has moved from a basic service model to engaged, social movement unionism.


I’m proud of the collective power we’ve built in our union in the past several years, and honored to have served on the Executive Board as we’ve done this.  Our mobilization enabled us to go on strike for the first time in over 50 years.  We did not get the contract we deserved but we moved the balance of power.  It is something we must continue to push, and make it clear to the District that we won’t back down.  I’m excited by the prospect of serving with Marcia Howard as our MFT Teacher Chapter President, and the slate of candidates in “Moving Further Together.”



Our past strike and current contract mobilization efforts have also empowered a growing group of rand-and-file members.  I look forward to continuing this important work with informed, active, and passionate members to empower our union.  As a member of the Executive Board, I will continue to work with others in our union leadership to build a truly strong union, and to work with parents, students, and the community to build the schools ALL of our students deserve.   I ask for your vote and your support of the Moving Further Together slate.


Matt Pellowski *Incumbent*

Northrop Elementary School

Special Education Resource Teacher

Years with MPS: 10

Years with MFT: 10

Union Involvement: Paid Member Organizer 1 year, CAT member and Strike Captain at Davis Center for 1 year, Co-founder and facilitator of Special Education Strategic Planning Committee for 2 years, Member and co-facilitator of SELM for 1.5 years, Building Steward 2 years, Executive Board Member 2 years

When I was asked two years ago to consider running for an Executive Board seat, I had no idea how much I would enjoy this position.  It has been a thrilling time to be a part of our union and to be on the ground working for a better contract.  I have had several different roles in our union and have learned so much from each one. I want to continue working as a board member toward a better future.  I love our union and I know what we can do moving further together.  Please vote for me to remain on the Executive Board with Marcia Howard and the Moving Further Together slate.

As I enjoy being on our powerful and amazing Executive board, I take the roles and responsibilities of being on this board very seriously.  The only meetings I missed were due to parent-teacher conferences, and I don’t believe I have abstained from any votes.  I feel that I am good at listening to members and representing their needs and interests.  I have heard members’ issues from being a member organizer, and co-facilitating the Special Education Strategic Planning Committee and SELM, and attending our monthly meetings. In addition, I was a Davis Center based TOSA for 3 years.  I know the varied needs of different teams in our district and will use this knowledge as an effective Executive Board Member.

I am not afraid to disagree with other board members, and I believe that is why Marcia Howard asked me to run with her.  I also want members to know that I am not affiliated with any other outside group trying to infiltrate our union.  I have the necessary experience, passion, and skills to continue working as an effective board member.  Please vote for me as an At-Large Executive Board member with Marcia Howard the Moving Further Together slate.


Ashley Penney

Pillsbury Elementary


1st grade teacher


I have been with MPS for 16 years. During this time I have worked as an interventionist, math coach, and a classroom teacher in Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 5th grade. I have worked across the district at Nellie Stone Johnson, Hmong International Academy, Jenny Lind, Folwell, and now Pillsbury. I have also coached middle school girls basketball for three years. I served as a building union steward for 5 years, our current bargaining team on our communications team, and assorted other MFT activities throughout the years.


I humbly and enthusiastically ask for your support and vote as I run for an At Large seat on MFT’s Executive Board as a part of our Moving Further Together slate. I strive to continue to build a stronger union so that our educators can forge a brighter future for public education in Minneapolis. I have learned so much from listening to members and want to continue to represent our membership as I have on our bargaining team and as a steward to move positive change forward with the Moving Further Together slate. 


Thank you for your consideration and solidarity. 


Jose Rodriguez

Hello! My name is Jose Rodriguez Pronouns he/him/his

Work location: Windom, Special Education Resource Teacher 

I am thrilled to announce my candidacy as part of the Moving Further Together slate!  Together, we will continue to enhance the fantastic work already underway at MFT and strive for the schools our students, families, and staff truly deserve.

In my experiences as a passionate advocate for safe and supportive schools I have worked with our union to advocate for better working conditions for our members. Specifically,I have supported early career educators, sustainable workload, and engaging members on how they can play an active role with our union. I bring a deep commitment to our collective goals and a strong belief in the power of unity within our union.

Joining this exceptional slate of nominees is an honor, and I am eager to collaborate with each of you to uphold the values of public education and ensure that every student receives the high-quality education they deserve. 



Dr. Marcia Wyatt *Incumbent*

School Site: Hall STEM Academy

Position: 2/3 Grade Levels

Years with MPS: 33 Years

Years with MFT: 33 Years

Union Activities: Steward, CAT, Area CAT, Executive Board (Teacher Chapter), NEA Representative, Education Minnesota Representative, Strike Captain


          In the beginning of my career the teaching profession was respected.  It was a time in which teachers became well connected to families because of relationships built. There was a level of respect that today is missing.  There was a level of trust for the training and knowledge that teachers brought to the classroom. But something happened along the way. You see some things changed. 

          It seems there are a lot of individuals who are education experts yet have never stepped foot in a classroom outside of being a student, had little time in a classroom, or have been out of the classroom for way too long! And these individuals unfortunately choose not to, and don’t wish to talk with or listen to the real experts. (That would be us) Even though things have changed in our profession; there are some things that haven’t. 

          Here is what I know and come to remind us hasn’t changed.


What hasn’t changed is as educators we show up every day for our students

What hasn’t changed is we believe in our students and families

What hasn’t changed as educators we are influential, impactful, essential - see we’ve touched every profession

What hasn’t changed is as educators we are life-long learners

What hasn’t changed is as educators we deserve respect

What hasn’t changed as educators our voice and our value matters

What hasn’t changed we believe in the power, the future and the members of this union.

What hasn’t changed is we believe in PUBLIC EDUCATION!

What hasn’t changed is WHEN WE FIGHT WE WIN!

          I am Marcia Wyatt and I am asking for your vote as an At-Large member, running on the Moving Further Together slate.

Marcia Wyatt.jpg


No photo or statement were submitted for the following candidates (listed alphabetically by last name):

Edward Barlow *Incumbent*

Erika dos Santos

Rhea O'Shion

Sarah​ Spleiss

Dan Troccoli *Incumbent*

Sheila Webb

Shirley Zapata Torres

Joint MRLF Chair



Rebecca Miller *Incumbent*

School Site: ECSE @ Wilder

Position: Speech Language Pathologist

Years with MPS: 31

MFT member: 31years

Union activities:  building steward, MRLF delegate and COPE committee member, MRLF Chair on MFT Joint Executive Board, Co-chair of Hardship Fund Committee 2024, Legislative and COPE committee, past COPE treasurer (for about 10 years) , ECSE Strike Captain, Regional Strike Captain for Wilder programs and ECFE (2022.)



I am running for the MLRF Chair seat on the MFT Executive Board on Moving Further Together slate.  For those who are not familiar with the Minneapolis Regional Labor Federation (MRLF), it is the umbrella organization of unions in the Minneapolis area.  MRLF’s mission is to organize in the community for social and economic justice for ALL working people. One of my goals as MRLF Chair is to work with MRLF to improve our overall strike preparedness in the areas of structural organization,  planning and communication, with a special focus on the hardship fund.  

Teacher Chapter MRLF Delegates

8 Positions



Listed alphabetically by last name

Farhiya Del**

Natasha Dockter**

Tiffany Doherty**

Erika dos Santos

Kyarra Edmond**

Alcindor Hollie**

Marcia Howard**

Kaytie Kamphoff

Caroline Long

Ian Lyon**

Amelia Marquez**

Nafeesah Muhammad**

Rhea O’Shion

Ashley Penney**

Jose Rodriguez**

Sarah Spleiss

Dan Troccoli

Sheila Webb

Shanna Williams**

Shirley Zapata Torres

**Please refer to Candidate Statement above

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